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7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Shower Screen

February 19, 2024

A shower door may eventually become weaker due to several circumstances, necessitating replacement. For example, the seals between the glass and the framing in your bathroom may deteriorate due to regular exposure to heat and moisture. This may result in your shower leaking or the glass coming loose from its fitting. Harsh chemicals can also progressively erode the seals.

How can one determine when to change the shower glass? Let’s examine some indicators that a new shower door can be beneficial for your bathroom.

When Should My Shower Doors Be Replaced?

Some signs that your shower door needs to be replaced include broken glass and rusting framing. These seven indicators indicate that it’s time to replace your reliable glass shower doors.

1. Shower Glass Cracks

One of the easiest ways to know when to replace your shower door is if the glass has chips or cracks in it. There is a significant risk to safety from these physical flaws. Broken glass can suddenly break and fall out, sending shards flying and seriously endangering you and everyone else in the restroom.

In addition to shielding your floor from harm and updating the appearance of your shower door, repairing broken glass is essential for the safety of you, your family, and your visitors.

2. Rusty Shower Glass Frame

Metal shower door frame rusts despite preventive efforts including high-quality painting, treatment, and finishing. A rusted frame detracts from the smoothness of the door and suggests neglect.

Over time, rust can give a door a rotten metal appearance that significantly lowers its aesthetic value. If there is noticeable rust on your metal fitting, it’s probably time to replace your door.

3. Glass Door Not Closing

A glass shower door should be aesthetically pleasing and functional, with smooth opening and shutting capabilities. Nevertheless, if your shower doors are difficult to open or close, it’s best to replace them. Struggling with the shower door is really inconvenient, especially while rushing.

If your glass doors stick, creak shut, or won’t close all the way, you should replace them. These problems indicate deteriorated framing, which increases the likelihood of cracks and breaks in the door. If the smoothness is gone from your glass shower door, a replacement is necessary.

4. Leaks and Puddles on the Floor

The gaskets and seals on your door may not be functioning correctly if you frequently see leaks, pools, and puddles on your floor after taking a shower. It is crucial to replace your glass shower door in order to handle the issue of water causing damage to flooring over time and creating a slipping hazard.

5. Mould

It can be difficult to keep your shower door’s tiny crevices dry and clean. Mould grows easily when moisture gets trapped in the parts of your shower door. 

Showers are a typical place for Aspergillus, a prevalent indoor mould. Prolonged contact to it can lead to respiratory infections, allergic responses, and asthma attacks, in addition to producing unpleasant, musty odours.

Breathing in Aspergillus spores puts those with compromised immune systems at risk of developing a lung or sinus infection that can spread to other parts of the body. You should think about replacing your doors if you notice a lot of mould growing in the spaces between your glass doors and seals or other difficult-to-reach areas.

6. Cloudiness or Discoloration

Glass that is foggy or discoloured may be a sign of water damage. Calcium deposits from hard water buildup might cause a foggy door. As you shower, soap residue can build up and make the glass door appear hazy or foggy.

While some cleaning techniques can assist lessen cloudiness, severe staining and fogging can call for a more involved remedy. The visual attractiveness of your bathroom can be improved with a straightforward shower door replacement that restores its clarity, elegance and sparkle.

7. Outdated Design

An antiquated shower door might give the impression that your bathroom is out of date, even while it may not always be a sign of a functional issue or safety risk. The value of your bathroom and entire house increases with updated shower doors.
You may drastically alter the appearance and feel of your room by choosing a custom glass shower door design that accentuates and matches your interior features. If you’re remodelling a guest bathroom or your own master bathroom, contact a seasoned installation business like Shower Ranger.

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