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What You Need to Know Before Installing a Shower Screen

January 25, 2024

Shower screen installation is trendy because of the benefits that it can offer to the value of your home. In this blog, we will discuss the things you should know about shower screen installation, as well as some important tools.

Some Important Things Before The Actual Shower Screen Installation

A shower screen plays a crucial role in a bathroom, no doubt about it. It has a substantial impact on the bathroom’s operation and appearance in addition to maintaining a dry and clean floor. Whether you choose an over-bath shower screen, a semi-frameless design, or a frameless shower screen, careful planning is essential for both purchasers and professional installers, and shower screen installation ideas.

We’re happy to offer essential advice and necessary equipment for a flawless, convenient, and durable shower screen installation in this extensive post. Customers who have purchased or want to install a shower enclosure will find this information to be quite helpful. Make use of these insights to prevent needless mistakes and failures.

Thorough Inspection

It is essential to carry out a comprehensive, and detailed inspection of the product within three working days after receiving it. Verify that all of the components are there, the product is in perfect condition, and there are no finishing flaws, to secure that the quality is in its best shape. If you see any damage, flaws, or missing parts, get in touch with us right away so we can replace them. Please take note that after three business days or after installation, the supplier will not replace missing or damaged parts at no cost to you.

Assess Product Condition

Examine all packages carefully and meticulously for possible shipping damage after opening them and reading the instruction manual. Compare the packing slip and the piece count. Verify that all required pieces have been included by contrasting them with the “Detailed Diagram of Shower Enclosure Components.”

Surface and Plumbing Readiness

  • Make sure your shower base is protected by using a protective cloth while the installation is underway.
  • Assure a sturdy, level installation area that can hold the entire weight of the unit.
  • Make sure the walls are plumb because any deviations can cause serious problems during installation.
  • Even though some machines have modifications for levelling, a surface that is ready is essential. Drilling and modifications may be necessary due to surface imperfections. During the installation process, take precautions with all key surfaces.
  • Certain units have reversible shower doors that can be installed left- or right-handed. The right-hand door installation is demonstrated in the installation instructions for your best reference. Install a left-hand door by starting on the wall opposite and reversing the direction of the steps.

Essential Tools

  • Level: A level is a tool that is used in carpentry and construction projects to ensure alignment, either horizontally or vertically. It usually has a straightedge and a bubble vial for accuracy.
  • Electric Drill: An electric drill is a power instrument that uses rotating drill bits or screwdriver attachments to drill holes or drive screws into a variety of materials.
  • O3 Drill Bit: The third type of drill bit is a small-diameter bit that can be used for precise drilling in softer materials like plastic and wood.
  • O6 Drill Bit: The 06 drill bit is a medium-diameter bit that is frequently used for general-purpose drilling in metal and wood among other materials.
  • Silicon Gun: A silicon gun is a tool that is used in caulking and sealing applications to precisely dispense silicone sealant or adhesive.
  • Rubber Hammer: An impact tool with a rubber head that is non-damaging and ideal for delicate operations like gently tapping items into position without breaking them.
  • Tape Measure: A flexible measuring tool with a retractable metal tape, the tape measure is frequently used for home improvement tasks, woodworking, and construction.
  • Philips Screwdriver: A screwdriver made especially for Phillips-head screws, with a cross-shaped tip that improves torque and engagement when tightening screws.
  • Pencil: A pencil is a simple but necessary marking tool that can be used for marking surfaces, taking measurements, and drawing lines in order to prepare for a variety of tasks.
  • Hanging Hammer: A hanging hammer is a specific type of hammer that is used to hang items from walls. It usually has a magnetic or notched head that is used to firmly place hooks or nails.


Although installing a shower screen can be done DIY, trusting the best shower screen installer in Melbourne is always the best option for your precious time. Aside from the safety that it entails, it is also convenient and hassle-free. The abovementioned preliminary preparations are surely observed to ensure that the installation is guaranteed safe, and of the best quality. With the right tools, and with the right people, you can never go wrong with your home renovation projects with Shower Ranger, contact now!

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